Act Like An Owner

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Have you ever noticed that, whether you’re in a cafe or sometimes a restaurant, you can tell who the owner is?

Even in the dealership, often you can tell who the boss is.

How is that? How can you tell?

Well, I think there’s a few reasons.

One, how they hold themselves or how they walk. Often it’s because how much they care, the courtesy or the customer service they give you. The extra mile that they will go to and how friendly they are.

I had an experience just recently in the Apple store.

I spent the weekend in Sydney, I wanted an adapter.

Now, I have the adapter already but I left it at home, and I explained to the gentleman at the store that I needed the adapter.

He actually said to me, “We have a money-back guarantee, I think it was 14 or 21 days. If you wanna buy it and return it, you can do that.”

Now, was that thinking like an owner? Of course not!

I couldn’t believe my eyes, especially in such a store.

But it’s things like how you talk to your customers.

You know how precious are the leads?

If you were the owner, how would you look after them?

Would you look after them differently than what you do now?

The way you talk to your peers and the help that you give or don’t give them, the way that you ask for help? There’s so many different variables to this.

But my message today is “think like an owner,” not like this guy.

Because when you think like an owner, not only do you get the results but people notice.

I guarantee if you think and especially “act like an owner,” then you’ll go far.

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