How to Generate More Leads

We believe that this needs to be a sales managers main focus, followed by getting the most out of their team.
We have dozens of ideas and strategies to help you generate leads and convert them.

How to Deliver a Great Presentation

The difference between a decent and a great presentation isn't too much but the results are miles apart.
We'll show you how to make your presentations an experience the customer will remember.

How to be Effective at Follow Up

Let's be honest, most sales people are pretty average at this.
Having run call centers our team know exactly how to increase your appointment rates and get that on the fence customer over the line.

How to Increase Repeats/Referrals

Without simple yet effective strategies to build this part of your business, you can easily go backwards.
Easier to sell to and achieve higher gross, our repeat and referral word track and processes are guaranteed to increase your sales.

Australia's No 1 Automotive Sales Training

Increase your sales, CSI, gross, aftermarket and finance results
in just 10 minutes a day

Get motivated and improve your sales skills with the latest ways to influence your customers to buy.
Learn to build trust quickly, qualify well, and close extra deals. Become more focused and effective with your time and follow up strategies, all whilst controlling the sales process and increasing your CSI.
Join other successful, Australian dealers and benefit from nearly two decades of automotive experience.

Introducing The Automotive Stars Online Training Program

1. Watch It

Online modules include - entertaining videos, audio's, podcasts, templates, quizzes and much more

2. Do The Quiz

Makes sure the sales people really know and own what they've learn't

3. Increases Your Sales & CSI

Well trained, motivated staff
sell more cars

Other benefits include:

  • Receive regular, quality, Australian training
  • Modules are tailored to your individuals learning styles
  • Time and very cost effective (No need to leave the dealership)
  • Access the modules through a computer, iPad, iPhone
         or other smart device, 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • Generate excellent reporting in seconds of who's done what training and when
  • Ten times your investment back, guarantee *

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