• Rob Dicker
    Rob Dicker
    "I delivered 224 cars last year.

    After going through Automotive Stars online training, my closing rate went from 1 in 4 read more...
  • Jason Lamont
    Jason Lamont
    In this video you will discover:

    How Jason went from working in the workshop to becoming the 'Sales read more...
  • Manesh
    At the time of recording this testimonial Manesh was only in his 2nd month in car sales. In his 3rd read more...
  • Dean Boyd
    Dean Boyd
    I sold a $104,000 car immediately after Adrian’s training.
  • Jeff Harris
    Jeff Harris

    “I was averaging around 10 car sales per month but after applying what I learnt from Adrian I jumped to 17 sales read more...

  • Matt Day
    Matt Day

    After Adrian's Road to a Sale training, I returned to work and sold 3 cars that very day!

  • Karan

    After going through the online training, I sold 11 cars in 12 days!

    I've been selling cars for just one