Create Great Sales Habits

It’s Adrian Law here from Automotive Stars.

Welcome to our very first blog, Create Great Sales Habits!

I’m going to share with you, how your sales people form their bad habits that ultimately cost you deals, but most importantly how to create great sales habits.

Currently, I’m reading a book called the “Power of Focus.”

In this book, the author shares after their extensive research, that at least 47% of what we do each and everyday is habitual. Now, if you really think about that, it’s pure habits. That means what you and I do each and every day; at least half is on auto pilot.

If your individual sales people aren’t selling you at least 20 cars per month, that means that themselves and/or their sales manager simply have some poor habits. In the Automotive Stars brand new online academy, we teach in depth how to go from poor habits to empowering habits.

For now though, here’s a couple of excellent habits the top performers in the industry have.

Number 1: is what I called ‘Showtime.’ Showtime is where all guns are blazing. It’s ‘lights, camera, action. Basically it’s when you are on. For a salesperson, they often think it’s when they say hello to a customer, that showtime begins; It’s not. It’s when they first see a customer or when the customer sees them. Making sure you are presented well, your attitude is good and you are on.

For myself, running things like ‘Road to a Sale’ is something that I do each and every month and have presented it thousands of times now. I don’t always feel like it just like a salesperson may not feel like dealing with a customer.

However, when it’s time for me to perform, showtime! I’m ON and will give 100% to the presentation and to the attendees. If your salesperson is a bit depressed or little bit down before they meet a customer, when it’s showtime, they switch the switch and are on.

After the customer leaves, they can get back to being depressed or down if they choose to.

For sales managers, when is ‘showtime?’ Showtime for them is any time their staff are around plus when customers are in the showroom. If the sales manager’s energy is low or their attitude is bad, what happens to the sales people? Of course, they get dragged down as well.

Same goes if the sales manager’s energy is good and their attitude is good, it picks everybody up.

The second great habit is where sales people in this industry ‘know their why.’ What do I mean by know their why? It’s the reason they go to work. They know what that is. It might be for their family or they love going on holidays overseas so they are saving up for that. This could be what drives them.

It’s different for different people but you’ve got to know what your WHY is.

  • What gets you up in the morning?
  • …keeps you going?
  • …motivates you?
  • …inspires you?
  • …keeps you from wanting to go back and asking for more money?
  • …makes you pick up the phone and make those follow-up calls?
  • What is your WHY?

If you’d like some help discovering what the WHY of your sales team is or you’d like to join some of the elite dealerships in Australia and create great new sales habits through the brand new, online training. Simply click on this link and I’ll see you on the inside.

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