Selling Through Adversity (Live Recording)

With the Coronavirus affecting all of us in different ways, selling has become even more challenging.

This presentation was created to offer you a new way of thinking and some new strategies that really must be implemented for you to succeed.

Overall it was created to give you some positivity and hope that you may survive right now and ‘Thrive’ once all this has passed.

Planning Your Year Ahead

Successful people plan. It’s been said that if you fail to plan then you plan to fail. Being organised and a good planner often doesn’t come naturally to a lot of managers and sales people in the car game. In this video you will discover some core principles that when applied will help you feel in control, less stressed, more productive and ultimately you will sell more cars!

How to be a Sales Gun Over The Phone

The reality is that most sales people could improve dramatically over the phone but often don’t know how to.. In this video, we share some simple yet result producing steps that produce outstanding results.. Imagine for a moment that you or your team are maximising their appointment rates and effectively following up.. What would that mean to your month and income? It’s only 8.08 minutes long and could make a massive difference to you. Don’t put it off.. Watch it now!

Assumptive Close

The ‘One Minute Close’ is a fantastic series of effective closing strategies.Each video contains the strategy, examples and how it works, all in one minute!

These are designed to move fast, engage and deliver amazing content, so strap yourself in and enjoy the ride!

RTS – Key Points That You Need to do to Succeed in Selling Cars
This is a great list of specific things that, if you do them well almost certainly means that you will succeed in selling cars.

Automotive Stars In-house Course Outline
Nothing beats the impact of face to face training. Outlined in this pdf is a comprehensive list of some of the courses that we can tailor to suit your dealerships training requirements. Click on ‘Contact Us’ to book training or for more information.

This template gives you the main reasons that people buy cars and can make your qualifying and tailoring your presentations much easier

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