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Do you agree that some beliefs make you who you are, but there are some you’ve got that might limit you in some way?

Here are some questions for you. Yes or No? Don’t think about it too much. (The first answer that comes to your mind is usually the correct one.)

  1. Are you good at what you do?
  2. Are you a great boss or staff member?
  3. Are you really good at selling?
  4. Are you good-looking?
  5. Are you a great trainer of people?
  6. Are you successful?
  7. Are you a great lover?

How do you know your answers to be true?

In essence, there are two ways we form our beliefs. (Yes, it’s from previous experience, peers, parents, etc.) It can promote you to go further or limit you.

The first way is from what people tell us, especially if that somebody is significant to us when we were younger. It’s what people tell us and if multiple people tell us the same thing, it provides confirmation.

The second way and more powerful way that we form our beliefs is what we tell ourselves. That voice in your head.

My philosophy is “Why don’t you keep hold of the beliefs that serve you and challenge the ones that don’t?”

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