Guarantees in Life

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Two Guarantees in Life: Death & Taxes. There’s actually a third guarantee: Change.

Look at the weather, change. Our politicians don’t stay the same. Do you live in the same house you always have been in? Highly unlikely, again—change.

Does the way we buy change? Of course, it does. The way we communicate changes. But, here’s the challenge: many of your staff struggle with change. They fear it.

When there’s a fear, we don’t want to change. If you’re a dominant character, you may enjoy it, but the majority of people don’t.

That’s why my book is called “I Need To Change a COUPLE of Things”

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I recently ran an online session for a client. The Dealer Principal, General Sales Manager, all the Salespeople and the Business Manager were in the session. As I was talking about “The Power of Sending Personal Videos To Your Customers”, one salesperson was freaking out at the thought of doing it. He was resistant to change. Doing something different is—change.

That’s why my book is imperative and it’s an easy read. It’s not a sales book, it focuses on positive psychology. In essence, it’s how to get the best out of yourself.

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