Selling to Customer 2.0 (Part 2)

Hello and welcome to the 2nd part in selling to customer 2.0.

In part 1, we looked at who is Customer 2.0, what attributes they have, what makes them tick and why you need to adapt to get this type of customer onside.

We looked at how Customer 2.0 processes information and how as a dealership you can use negative online comments to your advantage.

In part 2 we will be focusing on meeting Customer 2.0 face to face and how your salespeople can keep control of the process whilst engaging this new breed of customer.

If you haven’t seen part one yet, I urge you to look at that first. You can do so by clicking here

If you have seen it, what’s next?

The Road to a Sale is still as important as it has ever been and needs to evolve. You could say it plays an even bigger role in selling to Customer 2.0 as building rapport, gaining a good understanding of who your customer is, what their circumstances are, and what they really need and want in a vehicle needs to be done with great expertise.

With Customer 2.0 only visiting 2.4 dealerships on average, it’s important to tailor your presentation so you need to ask lots of good, quality questions to be able to do so.

Having visited a dozen or more ‘non client’ dealerships with my partner recently, the quality of qualifying we received was very disappointing and it effected where she ultimately bought from.

You may think that your sales guys are really good at this pivotal step in the process.

What if they are not?

I guarantee sales are being lost if this step isn’t done well. On a more positive note, just recently I overheard a 2.0 customer taking great pleasure in telling a sales person that they had done all their research online.

Luckily, Mark (the sales person) has been well trained and was able to respond positively to this whilst taking control of the conversation.

It’s vital as a sales person selling cars that you are leading the process. I.e. You are in control, not the customer.

If the customer is in control you’ll either not make the sale or if you do, generally you won’t make any gross and probably won’t get their finance etc.

Information V’s Knowledge

Customer 2.0 may know a lot of INFORMATION. But there is a big difference between information and KNOWLEDGE.

A simple way to describe the difference is – Information can be the features of what the car has. (This is what most sales people blurt out.) Knowledge is explaining how the features benefit the customer and showing the customer how they work. 

Provide knowledge as it helps in getting Customer 2.0 to follow you and your game plan.

Another great thing to do is to emotionally involve the customer: With a big-ticket item like a car, most people buy with emotion and justify logically, (logic usually being the $$$.)

Up until this point Customer 2.0 has been looking at pictures and reading user reviews. All this is using the conscious and analytical parts of their brain. The information that Customer 2.0 has are the cold hard facts.

If you can give an engaging presentation and test drive Customer 2.0, do you think that could give you an advantage over the other 1.4 dealerships he or she has or is going to visit?

You bet it does!

If you are not sure how to do any of these things, don’t worry we can easily help you. Learn More Here 

OK, so you’ve done a fantastic presentation and test drive. Customer 2.0 has spent his or her 3.5hrs in 2.4 dealerships and now they want to sit down and talk turkey with you.

Customer 2.0 can often feel like they have the advantage. Why? Because they have a world of information, a whole computer tucked away in their back pocket. If they are looking at buying a car, how can they not get the best price when they can show you evidence of cheaper cars from down the road or anywhere else in the whole country for that matter?

The price is important but if you make it personal, have fun, build value, and be transparent with Customer 2.0. If they like you and trust you, they will buy from you.

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