Selling What You Can See

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In this short video, I share how to stop selling so many cars that aren’t going to be in stock for months or even years and also give you 2 real examples that produced very different results.

Selling What You Can See, Not Seeing What You Can Sell.

What does that mean?

A big percentage of customers end up buying a different car from the one they enquired about. Take control of your sales process, sell from stock and increase your sales, gross, finance etc.

Selling what you can see is selling what’s in stock compared to seeing what you can sell is just anything. Whether it’s in-stock or out-of-stock.

And they’ve got wait times that are two/three/four years on some of their vehicles.

The problem with most salespeople is going against what the customer originally asked for. When the customer asks for a specific car, they’re assisted by the demonstrator to show them that car or sometimes they have to wait a long time as mentioned above.

Whereas, how do you sell what you can see?

It’s all down to your qualification.

Years ago, I went with my partner at the time, she was looking for a vehicle. All she wanted was an SUV, leather seats, sunroof and looked good. Really just four things. I went with her everytime and we went to five or six different dealerships. How many salespeople, that we met, do you think found out exactly what she wanted in a vehicle?


Why not? When we met the salesperson, they’d ask Angie what car she was looking at. She would mention the car. The salesperson took us to the car and literally just went blah blah blah. Of course there were questions thrown in but not many and they certainly didn’t find out what was really important to her.

On the opposite side of that, another client who’s worked with us for quite some time now. They have a large car operation. In their office, they have a whiteboard where they write a percentage of customers or clients that have bought a different car from what they originally enquired on.  So on regular basis, they can track and know what percentage of customers are coming in and buying a different car.

The last time I saw that number, it was 46%.

That means almost half of the clients who walked in on a specific vehicle, are walking out with something else.

How does that happen?

There are different reasons for this, but one is definitely the qualification. It’s real salesmanship. It’s one big part of it.

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