Test Drive

Can you believe this is happening?

You know what amazes me? Since COVID, I’ve noticed that your salespeople and managers are getting lazy.

What comes to mind is that they’re not test-driving with the customers.

What am I talking about? They’re letting customers go by themselves most of the time. Which is insane!

Please check to see if this is happening in your dealership or not. If the customers are going by themselves, there’s bound to be something about the car that they can’t figure out.

Whether it’s the technology or some features, if they don’t understand something, we tend not to like it.

I rented a car in Tasmania.

It was a beautiful Mercedes; they just told me “Bay 19” and gave me the keys and a little pack.

I got in the car but I don’t know Mercedes. I could not figure out for quite a while where the handbrake was, and it turns out it was on the driver’s side door, but I didn’t like the car.

If I think about it, I’m also not that fond of Mercedes because of that one example.

Whereas if a salesperson or somebody was with me to show me the car a little bit, I’d probably love them right now and may even own one.

That’s how amazing it is when a salesperson goes with a customer.

Of course, there’s always an exception to the rule.

If they’re juggling four or five customers on the weekend, for example, it may not be possible. But as a general rule of thumb, whenever possible, they’ve got to go on the test drive and, you know, think about the rapport.

They’re missing out on all sorts of stuff. The second test drive, I’m okay with, but the first one, they’ve got to go with the customer.

Make sure your salespeople are doing this and make sure your managers are behind it.

‘Cause they have gotten lazy. There’s no question. Alright, rant over. Bye.

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