“A Myth: Your managers are providing the adequate training that your staff needs.”

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You would be very lucky if you (currently) do have a manager that provides your staff with adequate training. But it’s rare.

What am I talking about?

There are many reasons why your managers are not providing the proper training:

  1. How did they get promoted in the first place?
    Usually, it’s because they are the top salesperson.
  2. Are they qualified to be a trainer and a coach?
    Usually no, as they often say they do not have the time to work with their team.

Now more than ever, your team needs motivation, morale, support and encouragement on a daily basis. If you have observed any sales meetings, they are usually not very inspirational and can be the opposite. It is imperative to ask for real, good feedback from your staff to provide the right training they need.

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