Adrian’s Laws

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The first rule of Adrian’s Laws, I highly recommend relearning and getting out of your comfort zone. I’ve achieved the most when I get out of my comfort zone the most in my life. Does that happen to you as well?

  1. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone
  2. Have Lots Of Learnings
  3. Be Curious
  4. Discover Modelling
  5. Learn From People Who Have The Results You Want
  6. Take Action
  7. Grow Your Team
  8. Who Shows, Up the Customer Wants

Have lots of learnings, instead of repeating your mistakes you should learn from them.

Be curious! It’s a trait I like about myself.

Discover modelling, not that type of modelling. It’s an NLP term but in essence, it’s learning from people that have the results that you want.

Take Action. It’s simply how it is. The most you’ve achieved in life is when you took action.

Grow Your Team. Develop your team, especially in sales.

I noticed in my business whenever I turned up to a meeting with a potential client, if we won the business, they always wanted me to train them. But I also noticed when I sent my staff to the meeting, the clients would want them as well.

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