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What do most people who achieved their goals have in common?

What is your goal? Not only with your follow-ups to sell lots of cars, but any area of life you want to succeed in. If you want to achieve your goals for yourself or your family, persistence is the key.

Most people give up so easily. Don’t be most people.

Learning where you need to improve is all part of it.

At the time of recording this video, I’ve been playing in national competitions of Snooker for 2.5 years and reached 2 major finals. I’ve lost both of them.

So a massive weekend, I ended up winning a very close final at 4:3.


So my wish for you is to focus and think about your goals then make a plan. We know that we know how to do it but be persistent with it.

Make tweaks along the way to improve because if you keep doing the same thing over and over again, that’s insanity. But if you keep improving, learning, growing and persisting, then you will get there.

Maybe you won’t achieve every single goal, but you will achieve a massive percentage of them. Go out and conquer.

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